Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dakar 2012 - Stage 12

Interesting start to the stage as the bikers were put in a separate Bivouac, no assistance was allowed and no change of clothes.

Today's stage from Arequipa to Nasca was 440km long and covered massive dunes.  Despres started the stage, with Coma following  Coma didn't impress too much initially, but getting to the dunes, he gunned the bike and pushed ahead of Despres.  Aubert, starting in the top 5, got lost early on.  It's his first Dakar, so give him a break.  The same happened to Bort.  He did make up for it later, coming second in the stage.

The top 5 for the stage was Coma, Bort, Viladoms, Despres and Goncalves with overall standings being Coma, Despres, Rodrigues, Viladoms and Svitko.  Coma is leading Despres by 00:01:35.  Man, this is going to be tight.

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