Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dakar 2012 - Stage 13

Stage 13 is from Nasca to Pisco, covering 375m.  Despres started 4th, playing catch-up.  He passed Bort and Viladoms and then closed in to just 50 seconds behind Coma at waypoint 2.  After refueling, Coma gunned it over the dunes and pushed awat from Despres by 3 minutes.  Just 30 seconds overall.

Then, Coma runs 2km off course and looses a significant amount of time!  This results in Despres coming in first at the finish; Coma 6 minutes behind him, losing 13 minutes overall.  His gearbox has been giving him issues since the start of the stage and getting lost didn't help either.

Rodrigues is still in a solid 3rd position and it looks like he'll be keeping that to the end.  Viladoms has registered the 3rd fastest time for the day and it looks like he's got loads of promise for next year's race.  Svitko hasn't changed his engine on the KTM and this has pushed him up the general standings, but he's sustained an injury, which has slowed him down and might hamper a good result.

Stage win goes to Rodrigues, with Despres in 2nd and Viladoms in 3rd.  Bort and Goncalves came in at 4th and 5th respectively.

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