Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dakar 2012 - Stage 14

Stage 14, the final stage, is from Pisco to Lima, covering 283km.

An interesting start today as the starting order is reversed, meaning all the faster riders will have to  start from the back and pass slower traffic.  Not much to report though.  Despres was taking it easy, riding alongside his team mate all the way to the finish.  Coma changed his engine the previous evening, taking another time penalty knock and putting him well outside the reach of catching Despres.  Rodrigues has done really well this year, riding his Yamaha into 3rd spot overall.  Great job.

Overall standings sees the following:

  1. Despres
  2. Coma  +00:53:20
  3. Rodrigues  +1:11:17
  4. Viladoms  +1:40:56
  5. Svitko  1:47:28
  6. Ullevalseter  +2:11:56
  7. Farres Guell  +2:14:22
  8. Botturi  +2:59:04
  9. Pain  +3:17:50
  10. Zanol  +3:25:56

Although the top 10 is dominated by KTM, I can see that the other names are slowly creeping in there.  Hopefully next year Bort can bring Husqvarna into the top 5!

So, Despres takes his 4th title.  Great job.  He was consistent throughout.  It was a great battle between Coma and Despres and I look forward to more of the same next year.

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