Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Big change

I've been really inactive over the last few months, but with good reason.  We've moved from Melbourne to Hamilton.  Still within Victoria, but now we live in the country, so I'm hoping to get out more.  So far I haven't been very successful, because we've also bought a house and I'm busy fixing it up.  I also lost my ride buddy as he's moved to Brisbane.  Now I have to try and find people from the area I can head out with.  Funny enough, the most bikers in the area have road bikes, so I'm still looking.  I may just hop onto Adventure Rider and ask who's in the area.

Anyway, the year's coming to an end, but that said, that means the Dakar is almost upon us!  Can't wait.

Also, a couple of weeks ago I got the news that the new Triumph Tiger Explorer 1215 has made its media début.  Bloody great looking bike.  I really hope it'll give the GS a run for its money.  We need some competition out there.

I also saw yesterday morning that Grant Denyer, from Channel 7's Sunrise show, is doing a trip from Cairns across to Darwin in a straight line along the old telegraph route, using three Triumph Tiger 800XC's.  Good stuff.  It makes me quite jealous.

So, I hope to update soon and have some good stories.  Brian's already pushing to get a Namibia trip going.  Money's an issue, but if I can drum up some more people, I can make it happen.

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