Sunday, November 27, 2011

So, I had my first semi-proper (is there such a thing?) ride out yesterday.  I went south to meet up with one of the Green Triangle crew from the Adventure Rider forum and spent an hour or so just chatting about bikes, there area and anything that came up.  He's also got a DR650, but it's a bit more kitted out than mine.  Not much though, but one thing I do envy is the screen.  I needed that on the way down as it was particularly windy out there.  Come on Safari Tanks!  Bring out that fairing everybody's whispering about!

I was advised to take the Mt Napier State Park for the route back.  Good stuff.  It wasn't technical in the least, but it was just great to head out through the bush and have nobody around.  I did encounter a wallaby on the road, but luckily it was too far away to be of any concern.  I was warned about these guys and apparently they jump out of nowhere to ruin your day.
Mt Napier, apparently an old volcano.

It was great getting out there.  A nice cool day, but the rain was lurking.
Mt Napier State Park.
Good fun.  I'm looking forward to next weekend's ride with the rest of the GT crew.  Apparently we're heading up to the Grampians.  I need new tyres though!  With all the expenses after he move, I'm not sure if I can afford it at the moment.

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