Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Karoozin' Chatter

Just an update on Muisbosskerm, the seafood restaurant on the beach near Lamberts Bay.  This place is a very famous spot in South Africa and most here know it.  You book, but it doesn't mean it's going ahead as they need at least 15 people.  We booked this as Bosduifklip (another one at Lamberts Bay, which is the same type of place) wasn't going to be open.  We rocked up there early, so we got beers and sat down outside, watching the sun set.  Great pics of that.

The owner comes over and tells us that we should pace ourselves as there'll be lots of food and we shouldn't overdo it with the first few dishes.  The first bit of food comes out and it's just finger snacks.  Pickled fish, olives, pickled gherkins and bokkoms (a salt dried sardine).  Then smoked Snoek and Angelfish come out.  Then, Sweet potato.  Fried Stokvis.  Then paella and some fried calamari.  Massive pot breads with real butter and three types of jam, one of which is my favourite: fig jam.  We then got our crayfish we had specially order.  Later they brought out some fish stew and a pot of rice.  Finally they brought out four massive steaks and I mean massive!  They tasted great as well.  Not sure what sauce they used, but it was fantastic.  For dessert we get coffee and koeksisters (a twisted pastry soaked in a syrup).  I had a bit of everything, except the fish stew.  Man was I full!  Brien had a ball.  He really enjoyed it.  Honestly, there's no place else like this.  If you know about it and with this kind of setting, let me know.  The venue's great, the atmosphere's great and the food is awesome.  Another great tour highlight.

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