Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Karoozin' Chatter

I really love the Karoo.  What an amazing region.  As we ride through it, I realise more and more what a special place this is.  What I can't understand is why there aren't more tourists coming out this way.  We've seen some here and there, but it's mostly South Africans.  I'd like to see more international tourists here.  Brien adds that it's probably because nobody's heard of it.  He's never seen or heard any mention of it, except for me blabbering on about it.  That's probably true...not the blabbering, but the fact that the Karoo's not really seen as one of South Africa's attractions.  I'd love for more people to be able to experience this.  Not only will it help with the local economy, but I just want people to come out here and see the forgotten South African tourist destination. It's got so much to offer.

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