Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yamaha Tenere XT660Z

So, I picked up my new Tenere yesterday.  I've never riden one before, except for the test ride I had on one the week before.  I've wanted one of the these before they were even released.  I've played that Tenere add's tune in my head a million times.

I must say, it hasn't disappointed.  It's a really nice laid out bike with a great seating position, giving my legs more than enough room and forcing me to sit nice and upright.  The screen's a bit too low for me, but then again I'm not short either.  I'll do with that for now as it's just turbulence and not the full blast of the wind.  For the first time I'm actually able to relax behind the screen as the DR650 had no screen and I constantly had to fight the wind.  Even with the F800GS, the screen wasn't anywhere near high enough, probably not even for a shorter person.
One negative I have about it is the price tag. It's the most expensive in its class in Australia. Everything else I looked at was a lot cheaper.

The bike feels light and I know everyone always comments about the weight, but I think it rides really well, probably due to some good weight distribution.  If you're complaining about picking it up when it drops...then don't drop it.
I'll mostly be using this for a commute bike, but I hope to make contact with some of the folks here in Adelaide and head out with them from time to time.  I'd also love to do a trip to the Flinders Ranges at some point.

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