Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mitas E-09

Follow up for the report on the Mitas E-09 tyres I put on the bike last year.  I just sold the bike, with the tyres probably below legal levels, but here's what they looked like at 39000km on the clock.  That's roughly 6000km of riding, mostly on-road, but I have had a few trips off-road.  Nothing enough to really be able to judge their wear on extended off-road trips though.

The front tyre had the same uneven wear as I experienced on the TW301.  It started running really rough.
All-in-all, I probably wouldn't run the Mitas tyres again.  They're just not suited for my split of road/offroad and in the end, I don't a dirtbike; I want something that's a good al-rounder.  My current tyres is a set of Metzeler Tourance.  They come stock on the Tenere, so we'll see hou they go.

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