Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Karoozin' 2011

So, first proper post.  Our tickets are paid, the bikes have been booked and we're starting to plan our first big trip overseas.  Well, it doesn't feel that 'overseas' to me as we're heading to South Africa in March to do a 12 day self guided tour around the Western and Northern Cape.  We're aiming mostly at the Karoo, Little and Great.  We'll also be tackling the West Coast, Cape Town and the South Coast, with a little bit of Eastern Cape thrown in for good measure.

Joining me will be Brien Armstrong, a good mate of mine, with whom I've been doing weekend trips with and dreaming of big trips over the last two years.  We're renting two BMW F800GS from Schroeder BMW in George, but aside from this, it's all we've got planned at this stage.  The idea is to use this blog to document the planning and report back on the ride and experince.  And hey, if nobody wants to read this, then so be it.  I do however invite people to send comments and I hope this blog helps to be an inspiration to others who'd like to try the same.

I'm going to start off with planning the trip using Google Maps.  I'll post a map for each day.  When we've completed the trip, I'll post comments, photos and videos along the route.

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