Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dakar 2012 - Stage 4

Today, lots of river crossing and quite technical with several navigation mistakes by the top riders.  Despres was gunning it, knowing Coma would want to make up time and so not allowing Coma to catch up in overall standings, despite Coma winning the stage by 2 minutes.  Coma still more than 8 minutes behind overall.  Verhoeven had a great stage, coming in 6 minutes behind Despres and passing Rodrigues along the way.

Also, Przygonski is out of the Dakar after suffering mechanical failure.  Sad to see him leave the race as he did quite well.

Good news also is that Coue has completely recovered from the crash and hypothermia he suffered on stage 2.  Apparently his body temperature was 40 Degrees Celsius when they found him.

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