Sunday, January 16, 2011

And it's all over.  Now I have to wait another year.

Coma takes victory.  Great job.  The KTM engines made it.  To be fair, Coma didn't have to push the bike that hard as he had a 16 minute lead, but then again, in the grander scheme of things, 16 minutes aren't a lot.  Yamaha and Honda's also done a great job this year and Aprilia had at least one top 5 bike.  BMW hasn't done as well as they probably would have wanted to, but I think it's been valuable experience for them.  Frans Verhoeven did a great job.

So, congrats Marc Coma.  Consistent pace and very few mistakes gave him a very convincing win.

Next year I want to see Suzuki in this race.  Come on, if Sherco can put a bike in there, then Suzuki can surely get a bit of money together for an entry.  I might even find some time in my schedule to pilot the bike for them.  :)

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